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Numbers to Words Converter Inside macros, after #define, it is used for various purposes; for example, the double pound sign ## is used for token concatenation. When # is after a Number , it is read as "pound" or "pounds", meaning the unit of weight. The text "5# bag of flour" would mean "five pound bag of flour". The abbreviations "lb." and "℔" are used commonly and interchangeably. Sketch diagrams, mark up, or add color to help you visualize your data with Apple Pencil on your iPad. With redesigned forms, it’s never been easier to create and customize a form. Add a form to any table or use the Basic form template. This powerful and intuitive data analysis tool makes exploring patterns and trends easy and beautiful. You can even open Microsoft Excel files with pivot tables right in Numbers. Number.prototype.toFixed() Returns a string representing the number in fixed-point notation. Number.prototype.toExponential() Retur